Green Wealth is the first comprehensive guide that describes environmental banking business opportunities. Written by successful environmental bankers, Green Wealth provides step-by-step, comprehensive, instructions for creating profitable environmental banks including an annotated business plan and a sample bank prospectus. This book will satisfy your curiosity about the business and foster your active participation in entrepreneurial, for-profit environmental banking

Environmental banking is “green both ways” because it’s a type of land development that creates measurable improvements in environmental conditions and social values, and results in significant economic return to the landowner, developer, or investor.

Working With Critical Habitats

Critical Habitats consults and partners with land owners, municipalities and other government agencies, land developers, investors, and entrepreneurs on environmental banking opportunities.  Building on first-hand experience with the process of creating environmental banks, Critical Habitats helps clients discover the potential of their environmental banking ideas. The company examines the potential of a proposed bank entity and determines the best course of action to turn the opportunities into market based environmental banking businesses. The approach begins with the completion of an economic, environmental, and regulatory feasibility study of the proposed banking idea to determine the potential success and profit.  Critical Habitats obtains certification, creates the bank entity, manages the bank, and sells the credits.

Critical Habitats has advised clients in Australia, Canada, and the United States on various types of banking ventures including:

  • Wetland Mitigation Banking
  • Carbon Banking
  • Endangered Species or Conservation Banking
  • Stream or Riparian Habitat Banking
  • Water Quality Banking
  • Water Banking
  • Biodiversity Banking

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