Green Wealth is the first comprehensive guide that describes environmental banking business opportunities. Written by successful environmental bankers, Green Wealth provides step-by-step, comprehensive, instructions for creating profitable environmental banks including an annotated business plan and a sample bank prospectus. This book will satisfy your curiosity about the business and foster your active participation in entrepreneurial, for-profit environmental banking

Environmental banking is “green both ways” because it’s a type of land development that creates measurable improvements in environmental conditions and social values, and results in significant economic return to the landowner, developer, or investor.

Our Team

Critical Habitats Inc. has an outstanding team of experienced environmental bankers with successful careers in environmental management, business, and real estate law.

Kevin F. Noon Ph.D. is the Chairman and cofounder of Critical Habitats, Inc.  His twenty-seven years of professional experience with land development, wetland restoration, and environmental policy development formed the foundation necessary to create his environmental banking business.  Kevin manages the completion of all technical aspects of environmental bank creation; completes the feasibility studies, the bank Prospectus, the Banking Instrument, and numerous technical analyses required for certification; and coordinates and completes the certification process.

Kevin works with regulators, land owners, and investors from the US, Canada, and Australia, on developing environmental banks or banking policy.  He is involved in the creation of numerous banks in the US.  He was a coauthor of the wetland mitigation banking rule written for the Sate of Washington and he formulated a mitigation banking model that can be administered by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and adopted for use in creating mitigation banks in the province of British Columbia.

Judith A. Ward is the President and cofounder of Critical Habitats, Inc. She is the planner and managing arm of the team.  As Principal in Critical Habitats, Inc. Judy brings her expertise in Landscape Architecture and the skills of site analysis, environmental bank design, regulatory and planning compliance, and land-development project planning and management. Judy is responsible for habitat design and technical evaluation of construction documents and construction administration for bank creation.

Judy’s 25 years of experience encompasses diverse project types including subdivision planning, County Planning, Botanical Gardens, Museums and Visitor Centers, Parks, and Zoos and Aviaries, University Campus’, Corporate Campus’, Health Centers and Urban Waterfronts.  Her scope of work experience extends from master plans to construction administration.  Judy has worked on teams as small as 2 and as large as 15, with as many different disciplines.  She has managed projects with design budgets ranging from $5,000 to $200,000 and construction budgets ranging from $750,000 to $66 million.

Dr. Noon and Judith A. Ward published a book titled: GREEN WEALTH.  The book is a comprehensive guide to creating environmental banks.


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