Green Wealth is the first comprehensive guide that describes environmental banking business opportunities. Written by successful environmental bankers, Green Wealth provides step-by-step, comprehensive, instructions for creating profitable environmental banks including an annotated business plan and a sample bank prospectus. This book will satisfy your curiosity about the business and foster your active participation in entrepreneurial, for-profit environmental banking

Environmental banking is “green both ways” because it’s a type of land development that creates measurable improvements in environmental conditions and social values, and results in significant economic return to the landowner, developer, or investor.

Green Wealth – The Book About Environmental Banking

By Kevin F. Noon and Judith A. Ward
Square One Publishers, ISBN: 0-7570-0282-X

Green Wealth is a step by step guide to the creation of environmental banks and banking businesses.  The purpose of this book is to provide you with an understanding of how environmental banking works, from start to finish.  Green Wealth provides the essentials you need to create, invest in, and profit from an environmental banking business, to understand how the banking concept is applied to emerging markets, and to identify undiscovered banking opportunities. The book describes the banking process for existing markets (wetland and endangered species banking) and new emerging markets (carbon banking, energy banking, water banking, water quality banking, and land development rights banking). The processes and business principles explained in this book should be useful to anyone interested in this growing opportunity.


The book is available in most book stores and through Square One Publishers or Amazon Books (http://www.squareonepublishers.com, or http://www.amazon.com).  The authors can be reached through CriticalHabitats.com or at Critical Habitats, Inc., 4486 South Wolff Street,
Denver, CO 80236, 303.679.8262.

Please read the Green Wealth Introduction, the Chapter Contents, and Reviews
to get a good idea of what the book is all about.

  1. Contents of Green Wealth
  2. Recent Green Wealth Book Reviews
  3. Introduction to Green Wealth


More than just an introduction to this complex subject, this comprehensive
and definitive guide offers readers a blueprint for starting their own banks.

(Publishers Weekly, March 2007)

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