Green Wealth is the first comprehensive guide that describes environmental banking business opportunities. Written by successful environmental bankers, Green Wealth provides step-by-step, comprehensive, instructions for creating profitable environmental banks including an annotated business plan and a sample bank prospectus. This book will satisfy your curiosity about the business and foster your active participation in entrepreneurial, for-profit environmental banking

Environmental banking is “green both ways” because it’s a type of land development that creates measurable improvements in environmental conditions and social values, and results in significant economic return to the landowner, developer, or investor.

Company Overview

Critical Habitats, Inc. is a land development and consulting company that specializes in environmental banking.  We work for, or partner with, land owners, investors, developers, and government agencies, on all aspects of bank creation including:

  • Incentive-based environmental policy development
  • Identification of all banking and multiple credit sale opportunities
  • Partnership development
  • Regulatory, stakeholder, and site feasibility studies
  • Credit market analysis
  • Bank design and construction
  • Land development plans
  • Bank certification
  • Technical evaluations of bank site conditions

We specialize in creating:

  • Wetland Mitigation Banks
  • Carbon Banks
  • Endangered Species or Conservation Banks
  • Stream or Riparian System Banks
  • Water Quality Banks
  • Water Rights Banks
  • Biodiversity Banks

Our core team consists of members with experience in creating environmental banks with special expertise in environmental condition assessment, regulatory evaluation and policy making, certification, business and investment management, financing, real estate law and completing feasibility studies. 

The company is founded on the belief that environmental banking is an essential component of sustainable development. We believe that environmental banking can be both an investment opportunity and a means of environmental stewardship that will result in an eventual net gain in environmental quality. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to apply the profit motive (used to foster success in our economy) to
replace our lost natural resources and reduce the adverse effects of pollution by
creating entrepreneurial, for-profit, environmental banking opportunities that result
in a net gain of environmental quality which is an essential component in our
struggle to coexist and prosper on this planet.

Please read more about our team and our experiences.



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